The Feng Shui Guide to Finding Love

Feng Shui for Love

Love is a satisfying, comforting, complicated, and often elusive emotion… 

And some people seem to find it more easily than others. 

People may have told you to try dating websites or frequent the bars in hopes of finding “the one.” 

But that’s no way to find love. 

You see, the key to attracting the love of your life lies within your energy… 

Using Feng Shui to Invite Love Energy Into Your Life

Energy is the building block for all things: people, objects, colors, and everything all around you. 

So in order to be effective at attracting new love into your life, there are certain Feng Shui tips that you’ll need to follow. 

It could be as simple as adding more of a certain color, or moving your bed out of the danger zone

I’m about to reveal the exact steps you need to take in order to cultivate romance and love so that you can finally find your soulmate. I’ll tell you: 

  • What to get rid of so that there is space for love and positive energy
  • Things that should never go in your bedroom 
  • Classic Feng Shui Love Cures 
  • Which flowers to place in your home to attract love
  • And the delicate balance of colors necessary to cultivate love

But the thing is, these tips can only do so much. If your own personal energy is out of balance, then you still may not be able to find love. 

That’s why I created this easy and free Emotional & Mental Balance Test. It lets you identify whether you have negative thoughts or emotions holding you back from the life you deserve. 

Make sure your energy is on track before balancing the energy in your home by clicking here to take this free test. 

Emotional Mental Balance Test

Because there are many ways to attract love energy into your life, you might be wondering: “How do I know which ones to implement in my home?”

 Here’s an easy test… 

When you look at the item, ask yourself, “Does this make me think of love and devotion?” If not, don’t include it because it will just become clutter, and start attracting negative energy.

Speaking of clutter, you may need to do a little cleaning… 

Out With The Old  

First things first… It’s time to get rid of the clutter! 

Removing clutter from your home is an essential part of Feng Shui no matter what your goal is. Whether you’re looking to bring yourself more health and healing, or if you want to increase your financial wealth, you must first free up space in your home. 

You see, clutter creates stress and blocks the flow of energy, which can prevent love from coming into your home and your life. 

Love Candle

Specific to attracting love energy, you’ll want to make sure that you remove any items from a past lover or relationship, as these can block new love from coming into your life. 

In the bedroom, it’s especially important to remove the TV and any work items such as computers or important files.These items are distracting and can draw your energy and attention away from your partner.  

Then, once your bedroom is free of clutter, there are a few more things to check… 

Focus on Your Bedroom 

The bedroom is the most important room for creating an inviting space for love energy because it is symbolic of your relationship. It’s the one room in the house that you both must share and that you both spend a lot of time in. 

One of the keys for making your bedroom more conducive to romantic energy is creating symmetry or equality

The best example of this would be making sure that your bed is placed so that it is easily accessible from both sides. And if you have bed side tables, make sure that there is one on each side of the bed to continue with the symmetry. 

This balance in the physical objects of the room allows positive energy to flow freely through this shared space. 


Another thing to keep in mind when arranging the furniture is the placement of your bed. There are a few things that you want to avoid: 

  • Don’t place your bed so that your head is directly under a window 
  • Don’t allow your bed to directly face a door
  • Don’t hang mirrors so that they reflect your body while you sleep

These factors can cause a great energy depletion from your bedroom. As you begin to build up love energy in other ways, don’t let the position of your bed undo all the hard work you've done!  

As I mentioned earlier in the section on decluttering, don’t let your bedroom serve a dual purpose. Your bedroom shouldn’t also be the entertainment room, your home office, or a home gym

Be sure to remove TVs, computers, electronics, and exercise equipment to allow your bedroom to be a sacred place free from outside distractions. 

Things like TVs and computers are full of negative energy that can become stuck in your body. From the depressing news to the stress and anxiety of work, it’s important to remove these items so that you can keep your home’s energy and your own energy healthy and balanced. 

I’ve talked about a few ways that can indicate the energy in your home isn’t quite right, but what about your own personal energy

You can find out quickly and easily with my 10-question Emotional & Mental Balance Test. It’s the most effective way to find out if your energy is aligned with the universe. 

Find out more about this free test by clicking here. 

Emotional Mental Balance Test

Now that you have created room for new energy, let’s turn our attention to items you can bring into your home that will help you manifest love… 

Feng Shui Love Cures

In the art of Feng Shui, there are traditional or classic cures that have been used for a long time. But remember that you should only incorporate the ones that you feel connected to. 

Let’s start with one of the most well-known and famous love cures... 

Mandarin Ducks are the ultimate Feng Shui symbol of love. These beautiful creatures are said to find one, life-long mate who they are completely devoted and loyal to. 

If the ducks don’t resonate with you personally, there are also other animals who find one mate for their entire lives such as swans and turtle doves, which may be more suited to your tastes.

Loving Pandas

Rose quartz is not just a Feng Shui love cure, but is also regarded as the main healing crystal or stone used for love. Crystals have powerful and unique energetic compositions, and rose quartz is most suitable for love. 

Items that come in pairs symbolize togetherness and relationships. They can help you draw the energy of a couple into your life and welcome space for another person. 

Images of happy couples can also be very powerful for drawing in love energy. It is also said that hanging artwork that depicts couples embracing or kissing will make you more likely to embrace or kiss your partner. 

Candles are also a strong magnet for love energy. They create soft, dim lighting that gives the room a relaxing and intimate atmosphere. 

There is also another love cure that you may be more familiar with… 

Decorate with Flowers

Perhaps the most popular symbols of love and romance in our society are flowers. To show love on holidays like a birthday or Valentine’s Day, couples traditionally send one another flowers.  

This makes sense because flowers are not only a symbol of romance, but also have energetic properties. Each kind of flower has its own unique energetic frequency, and certain vibrations are tuned to love. 

Here are a few types of flowers that you might consider adding into your home to invite new love energy. 

Bleeding Heart

While the name of this flower doesn’t exactly sound like something you’d want for romance, bleeding hearts attract love and make you more available emotionally.


More commonly known as a daffodil, narcissus is used for both self-love and romantic love. Both are important because you need self-love before you can love others.



These beautiful and revered flowers have the perfect energetic makeup for attracting romantic love and inviting sexual pleasure into your life. 


The sweet-smelling flowers of the pittosporum plant are traditionally used for falling in love and connecting to your sensuality.


Perhaps the most well-known symbol of love, rose can help to bring energy for both love and self-love into your life. 


These flowers are often associated with romance and love because they will strengthen your heart and help you heal from any past relationships. Other flowers that can help with relationship healing are baby blue eyes, lavender, and primrose. 

One important thing to note about the use of flowers in your home… Make sure that you keep them looking alive and fresh. Sad, sickly, or dead plants will create negative energy in your home that you don’t want. 

To double-up on good Feng Shui energy, try adding some of the above flowers in these Feng Shui love colors… 

Feng Shui Love Colors 

What colors come to mind when you think about love and romance? 

Most people think of the colors that are associated with Valentine’s Day: pink, red, and white. 

Pink is a universal symbol of love, and gentle hues of this color can help create a relaxing environment where love can flourish. Pink also represents romance, joy, and happiness. 

White Hands

White is also a Feng Shui color for attracting love into your life. White is a clean and fresh color that represents new beginnings, especially in your love life. 

While red is also symbolic of passion, romance, and love, you must use caution with this color. Red can be extremely hot and intense, so when used in excess, this color can cause heated arguments, aggressive outbursts, and destruction. 

Red is more used to help bring passion into existing relationships. I don’t find it helpful in cultivating new relationships, but feel free to add red in once you’ve attracted your love. 

Instead, try using more bright green in your home. Like white, green is also representative of the freshness and new beginnings you need to cultivate a new relationship. 

Now that you’ve balanced the energy of your home and created an environment suitable for love, make sure that your energy is balanced. 

You can take my free Emotional & Mental Balance Test to find out if you also need to cleanse your emotional Aura layer (which could be interfering with your efforts to welcome love!). 

It’s a simple 10-question quiz that will put you back on track so that you can fulfill your destiny. Click here to get the free quiz now. 

Emotional Mental Balance Test

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