Here are some reviews from our customers...

Donna Brody

"I also am a Reiki Master. I've always known I have this incredible connection and am blessed. Not practicing or working enough these days, but when I do, I cry for the happiness, joy, and peace within. I paid good money for a hands on healing class, but the amount of verbal learning was way too overwhelming for me, and missed some info, my binder and notes, were not enough.

I bought this Reiki course and BINGO!!! All I needed to know and more! Thank You Dave. Thank you from my whole heart and soul. Much love. Namaste"

- Donna Brody

Diana Denman

"This was given to me as a birthday gift, I have been studying reiki for years but never got my attunements, I never agreed with the amount of money everyone wants to charge. So when I saw this, it went straight onto my wishlist!

I love it! So informative, interesting, and magical! And all the bonuses are incredible! Thank you thank you thank you!!"

- Diana Denman

Barbie Williams

"I'm taking the course. Its amazing!!! Its not too good to be true. Even my boyfriend is doing it with me."

- Barbie Williams

Bonnie Yamamoto

"For me, this course was really really precious. I opened the chapters like I opened treasure box. My intention was always right, love to heal myself and others.. Information is all there.. I too, think everyone should have opportunity to connect with Universal Energy. It should come easy and inexpensive…

I thank Dave for having this class, which was totally affordable, so I was able to move on to try. I so benefit from it."

- Bonnie Yamamoto

"Reiki Infinite Healer has helped me see what I could not by myself. My motive for trying Reiki Infinite Healer was to heal myself physically. I had no idea my consciousness expanding would help things. My life has definitely taken a shift for the better"

- Steve Carter

"Wow... I knew I had a chance to heal myself and I was hoping I could get to the point where could help others as well . I was able to do that and I'm extremely satisfied Reiki Infinite Healer is a efficient and quick way it teaches. The thing I'm surprised about is how my life is so much improved in general! It has meaning and I feel happy most of the time now... I didn't think it was possible!"

- Nancy Ford

"The results of Reiki Infinite Healer have been excellent. I can heal others now which was my main motivation and the people I help express deep gratitude to me for this. Before I started, my life was a messed and I didn't know why. Reiki Infinite Healer stabilized and improved my emotional life for me. Don't ask me exactly how, I guess it's the expansion of consciousness I experienced as I was learning. Great side benefit!"

- Mark Duke

"I was surprised, the bonuses really help me out and help me to understand more of what Reiki Infinite Healer was meaning and gave me a deeper understanding in general. The course is fantastic and I'd recommend it to anyone. I just wanted to point out how good the bonuses were too."

- Ann Heath

"I was skeptical and I wasn't sure if I should try Reiki Infinite Healer, at first. But now I'm very glad I did. I think the 100% money-back guarantee made me figure I didn't have anything to lose. The course is great! It's funny to think I would've even considered needing my money back."

- Maria Wallace

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