The Biggest Mistakes in Reiki

Reiki Mistakes to Avoid

Reiki is such a powerful tool that you can use to benefit friends, family, yourself, and the entire community. As a Reiki practitioner, you can…

...HEAL mental and emotional pain…

...uncover one’s true LIFE PURPOSE...

...experience PEACE and BALANCE in your life…

...resolve physical PAIN and illness…

You can achieve these results, and so much more…

But only if you harness the knowledge of a true Reiki Healer.

Avoiding THESE Reiki Mistakes Will Strengthen Your Energetic Connection… 

No one is perfect, not even the great founder of Reiki Dr. Usui. Especially when you’re learning something new, it is easy to make some mistakes as you are becoming more and more familiar with the information that powers your practice. 

But I want to help you grow… I want to help you succeed… I want to highlight the most common Reiki mistakes that I see students making so that you can learn from their confusion. 

I’m about to share with you the five things many novice healers are guilty of and how you can use your awareness of these roadblocks to power through and become a more effective Reiki Healer faster than you thought possible. 

Whether you’re a seasoned Reiki Master, you’re just beginning your healing practice, or if you’re exploring the possibilities of practicing Reiki, this article will help improve your Reiki knowledge so that you can become a powerful, effective, and efficient practitioner. 

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Let’s take a look at the first mistake I see my students make… 

Engaging in Activities that Disrupt Your Energy Flow

Performing a Reiki Healing Session hinges on your ability to freely and easily channel Universal Energy through your body and into your client. 

But in this modern day world that we live in, there are many things that can disrupt that energy, causing it to become blocked or weakened. Take a look at this list of negative energy practices to see if you’ve noticed any of them disrupting your flow… 

Alcohol and drugs can slow or hinder the flow of Reiki throughout your body because they temporarily or permanently alter the chemistry in your brain. I recommend avoiding these substances for at least 24 to 48 hours before working with Reiki. 

A poor diet usually consists of highly processed and refined foods that can inhibit your energy in two ways. First, these foods require more energy for your body to digest, leaving your energy in a weakened state. And secondly, these processed and refined foods can introduce negative energy into your body. 

Instead, focus on eating whole foods, like fruits and vegetables in their natural state, unrefined whole grains, and organic meats. 

A sedentary lifestyle or the lack of exercise can cause your body to become stiff in places that create blockages of energy. Make sure you have a regular movement practice, whether that’s walking, yoga, or tai chi, so that you can maintain open channels of energy in your body.  

Negative Energy

Stress is the silent killer. It can prevent you from giving your full attention to your connection with the Reiki energy and even distract you throughout a session. I suggest cultivating a regular meditation practice or at the very least taking a few quiet moments to release any negative energy before working with Reiki. 

Negative habits create negative energy. These can include things like engaging in toxic relationships, poor hygiene, and low self-esteem. Avoid situations, people, and places that leave you feeling drained of energy, and instead focus on things that lift you up and elevate your energy. 

Lack of sleep depletes your physical energy and can make your body more susceptible to disease. Inadequate amounts of rest can also hinder your focus, making your attempts to connect with Reiki energy unsuccessful. Different people need different amounts of sleep, so just make sure that you feel rested. 

Poor breathing can disrupt your ability to channel energy. Your breath is closely related to your energy, and if you’ve ever been to a yoga class then you know that prana (or breath) powers your energy levels. Create a breath pattern that allows your inhales to match the length of your exhales. 

And, make sure that you always exhale fully to release tension and negative energy buildup. 

Once you’ve balanced out your energy flow, you can turn your attention toward your intention so that you can avoid the next common mistake. 

Performing a Treatment with Impure Intentions 

You may know that Reiki Energy is pure, unconditional love that must always be treated as such. Those who misuse Reiki will discover there can be consequences. 

Take a moment and ask yourself why you want to learn this ancient healing practice. Do you hope to improve the lives of others? Do you seek to reduce the pain and suffering in the world?

Or are you doing this for your own personal gain? Do you want to overcharge your clients so that you can have exorbitant amounts of money? Do you wish to be seen as an authority figure who others follow and dote upon?

Can you see the difference between these two paths of thinking?


When you start to use Reiki in a way that serves your personal wants and needs instead of focusing on the betterment of those around you, then you may begin to lose your connection to Reiki. 

Universal Energy only flows through those who respect and maintain the pure and wholesome nature of Reiki. 

To avoid this mistake, simply adjust your thoughts to think about how someone else is benefitting from the treatment. Sure, you may be getting something out of the exchange (perhaps a small monetary compensation or an altruistic feeling), but always remember to focus on the needs of others before the needs of yourself. 

But there is one important thing you must remember as you are helping your friends, family, and loved ones if you want to avoid this next mistake…  

Taking Credit for Healing  

The world we live in today can be very egoistic as society seems to champion those who are more self-involved. And this cultural norm can make one particular piece of Reiki difficult to master. 

Reiki practitioners do not heal their clients. Healers do not take responsibility or credit for bringing a person back into a state of health and harmony. This notion goes against the basis of Reiki. 

Release Your Ego

You see, we all are born with a natural ability to heal ourselves. The purpose of Reiki is not for one person to heal another, but rather for the practitioner to empower their clients to heal themselves. 

The key thing to remember here is that the people receiving Reiki are healing themselves. The Reiki practitioner is simply a channel through which Universal Lifeforce energy flows. 

This powerful energy then stimulates your client’s own innate healing abilities so that they can bring themselves back into a state of balance and well-being. 

When you start to believe that you are responsible for healing your clients, your ego grows and takes over, leading you to have impure intentions for your practice. And as I stated before, this can lead to you losing your ability to connect with Reiki Energy. 

To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, always remember to use an authentic and well-intentioned invocation. Your invocation is an act that symbolizes you’re giving up any claims to power and allowing the Reiki to do the work that it needs to do. 

If you’re not sure what an invocation is, or if you’d like help creating one that feels meaningful to you, I invite you to try my Reiki Home Course. It covers invocation, hand positions, Rapid Reiki treatments, and everything you need to know to quickly and easily learn the art of Reiki. 

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Another important topic that we cover in my Reiki Home Course is how to protect your own energy, which will protect you from making this next mistake… 

Forgetting the Grounding Aspects of Reiki 

If you’re not careful, the energy you work with during a Reiki session can affect your own energy as much as it does for your clients.

Not only are you directing positive, healing energy into a person, but you are also drawing out the negative energy that is contributing to the person’s pain, disease, or worries. 

Additionally, as the positive energy flows into your client, they are expelling harmful, negative energy, either through you or out into the healing space. 

Stay Grounded

There are many ways that you can prevent yourself from absorbing this unwanted energy. 

First, you should always wash your hands with cold water after each treatment. This helps to dissipate any remaining energy from your system so that you can maintain a healthy state. 

You can also use healing crystals to help you remove negative energy that was released into the healing space. Crystals like Black Tourmaline can act as a protective shield from negative energy, while Clear Quartz can act as an energy magnet to dissipate any unwanted energy.  

Another way that you can help remove unwanted energy from your being is by avoiding this next Reiki mistake…  

Forgetting to Practice Reiki on Yourself

This is one of the things I see my students stumbling over time and time again. They fail to realize just how important it is to practice Reiki on yourself. 

Self-treatment is especially important when you’re just learning Reiki because practicing on yourself helps you refine your ability to connect to the Universal Energy. It also allows you to get more in touch with your intuition, which you’ll be using when treating others. 


Self-treatment continues to be important even once you’ve become a Master Healer, and it remains important throughout your entire life. 

You must keep your mind, body, and spirit healthy enough to treat others. And the easiest way to keep your entire being in balance is to use Reiki on yourself each and everyday. 

You see, Reiki can act as a preventative measure to keep new health concerns from forming, as well as treating those that are already present. 

Reiki self-treatment allows you to give your best self to your clients so that you can easily and effectively connect to the healing energy and create change in the world. 

Many Reiki training programs skip over this important aspect of Reiki. But with my Reiki Home Course, the first thing you learn is self-healing techniques. 

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Dave Nelson

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