Should You Use Music in Your Reiki Practice?

Music for Reiki

How do you want your client to feel during a Reiki treatment? 

Relaxed? Soothed? Completely at ease?

As a Reiki practitioner, part of your job is to create an inviting environment for your clients. 

One that allows them to let go of any stress or worries… 

One where they can completely open themselves to receive the healing energy of the universe.

But do you know what factor makes the biggest impact on how relaxed your client feels? 

Let me tell you all about it...

Music And Sound Can Create An Atmosphere Of Healing

One of the most important parts about giving a Reiki treatment is creating the right environment for healing to take place. 

This includes everything from decorating with crystals, to the temperature of the space, the colors of your walls, and the music or sound playing in the background. 

You want your clients to feel calm and relaxed to optimize their ability to heal themselves. But how do you know if you should or should not use music in your practice? 

Well, the answer is complicated. 

Today, I’m exploring all the reasons why you may or may not want to include sound or music in your Reiki practice, and the proper ways to do so, including: 

  • The type of music you should NEVER play during a session 
  • Which nature sounds are better than others
  • Why silence can sometimes do more harm than good
  • The most important thing to consider when choosing a song

When it comes down to it, the decision always depends on the preferences of the individual who is receiving the healing. 

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Now if you’re healing others, there are a few things to think about when you consider whether to use sound, music, or silence during a treatment… 

Using Music 

Many Reiki practitioners find music to be a helpful tool while performing a healing session. And I agree, as long as certain guidelines are followed... 

No Popular Songs 

Even if it’s just an instrumental version or cover, I recommend not using any popular songs that your clients may be familiar with. 

When you hear a song that you know, your first instinct is to start to sing along… And this can be very distracting

While performing a Reiki treatment, you want to put clients into a relaxed state so that their mind is at ease. 

Also, hearing a song that you know can often trigger a memory. No matter if the memory is good or bad, it still takes the person out of the present moment and can distract from the healing process. 

Slow is Better

The BPM, or beats per minute, of a song can have an amazing and powerful effect on the people listening to it. 

Peaceful Sounds

The faster the beats are, the more excited your nervous system becomes. Your heart starts to sync up with the pace of the song, making your heart beat faster, which sends your nervous system into fight or flight mode. 

To allow your clients to find a relaxed state with a slow heart rate, find music that is on the slower side. 

Research has found that music can be a helpful tool for moving both the mind and body into a state of relaxation. Your heart rate and breathing will sync with the tempo and the rhythm of the song, so choosing something around 60 beats per minute can put your clients in the optimal state for relaxation. 

Choose Soft and Tranquil Songs

Again, you want to create a calming atmosphere for your clients so that they are able to maximize their ability to heal. Songs will sudden or loud changes in them can cause your clients to become tense or on edge. 

This means that you want to choose soft songs that help to create a peaceful mood. Things like classical, ambient, or new age music can be therapeutic to your clients.  

In fact, there are many songs and albums specifically created for Reiki treatments. Some even have bells or chimes at different intervals to help you know when to move to the next hand position. 

While there are guidelines for choosing music, there are also several things to keep in mind if you’re choosing to forgo the use of music… 

Not Using Music

I don’t typically perform any Reiki treatments in complete silence… While I understand that music can have the effect of pulling a person out of the present moment and back into a memory, silence can be just as distracting. 

You see, in the crazy and busy world that we live in today, it’s almost impossible to find complete silence. There could be traffic zooming by outside your window, people talking in the room next door, or heavy footfalls from your upstairs neighbors. 

Whatever it is, it’s unlikely that your client will be able to enjoy the peace and calm of true silence. So it’s best to add some sort of background noise to drown out the business of the rest of the world. 

Additionally, even if you do find a place quiet enough to enjoy the soothing effects of silence, some people feel awkward in these situations. Your clients may feel uncomfortable or like they need to fill the silence by speaking. 

Listening to Reiki Music

There are several ways to escape silence without using music. Here are a few of my favorite ways to help set the tone of a Reiki Healing session… 

Use a Sound Machine

Many therapists use sound machines right outside their offices so that outsiders can’t hear the confidential conversation going on behind closed doors. 

But sound machines are also a popular tool that many people use to help them sleep. 

Usually, these small machines will generate a quiet humming or whirring sound. 

Some people have said that they can also get the same effect by turning on a fan. If you choose this method, be sure not to have it on too high as your client may become cold as they lie still. 

Turn on Nature Sounds

Nature sounds can provide a shield from the outside distractions of the world, while also providing a soothing and grounding effect. 

This option can be particularly helpful if you know that there is a blockage in the Root Chakra. Hearing the sounds of Mother Earth can make your clients feel safe and more connected to the ground. 

Things like forest noises, waves crashing, or fire crackling are common to use in the background. But be careful if you decide to use something like rain or waterfalls because these sounds may make your clients need to use the restroom more frequently. 

Singing Bowl

Other Ambient Sounds

There are also other sounds that you can use to help create the perfect environment for health and healing. 

One of my favorite options is singing bowls. They’re not technically classified as music, but the gentle tones can help relax your clients. 

There are also specific singing bowls that are tuned to the frequency of each of your Chakras. Again, this can be helpful if you know that your client has a blockage in a certain energy center. 

You can also choose to have chanting in the background. The most commonly used and known chant is OM, which is a symbol of protection, meditation, and healing. 

I have known many Reiki practitioners that have OM chanting in the background while performing their healing sessions or providing an attunement. 

Whatever you choose to use is entirely up to you, but make sure you are considering THE most important factor… 

Always Cater to the Individual Client 

Just like every other aspect of a Reiki Healing session, the decision to use music or sound as a part of your treatment should always be based on the needs of each particular client. 

Sounds for Reiki

Any song or sound, even something slow and tranquil, can cause your clients to have memories resurface, thus pulling them out of the present moment, and out of the calm and relaxing atmosphere they need to heal. 

It’s also good to keep in mind that even though you might think that a particular song or sound is relaxing and tranquil, your clients may not all agree. It’s important to take into account the needs of the person sitting in front of you, the person who is in need of healing. 

My recommendation is to always ask your clients what they prefer during the initial meeting. That will give you a sense of whether they have any aversions to certain sounds or types of music. 

And this will let you achieve the goal of creating a relaxing environment that promotes healing. 

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