How to Use the Phases of the Moon to Master Your Life

Moon Phases

The moon is an abundant and powerful source of energy… 

You can either work with it, or against it… 

As the moon cycles through her eight phases, the energy in the universe shifts, making some activities harder, and others easier. 

So how do you use the phases of the moon to make the most out of your life? 

If you trust the wisdom of the moon to guide you, she will not lead you astray… 

Simply follow her energetic patterns… 

Each Phase of the Moon Has a Specific Theme that You Should Follow in Your Life…

Just as there are seasonal activities that we do, such as spring cleaning, there are also certain activities that correspond with each phase of the moon. 

Here are all eight phases in order: 

  1. New Moon 
  2. Crescent Moon 
  3. First Quarter Moon 
  4. Gibbous Moon 
  5. Full Moon 
  6. Disseminating Moon 
  7. Third Quarter Moon 
  8. Balsamic Moon

If you want to know how to use the power of the moon to help you make your life more complete and fulfilling, then you’re in the right place. 

I’m about to share which phase is the best for working on your spiritual growth, harmonizing your relationships, and making important decisions

Let’s start with the first moon phase… 

New Moon 

It is time for new beginnings. 

Themes: Creation, Rebirth, Resolution, Change 

New Moon

The first phase is a new moon. It’s a time when the moon is hidden from view, making the sky dark and full of possibilities. 

The unlit sky offers you a blank canvas, opening up the space to create whatever it is that you need. 

A new moon is an ideal time to prepare for new beginnings and create resolutions

The moon’s energy will give you the necessary strength to embark on a new adventure or endeavor. If you’ve been thinking of finding a new job or starting a new class, now is the time to solidify that promise in your mind. 

During a new moon, there is a lot of excitement and anticipation as your mind envisions the good things to come. 

And in the next phase, you get to plan it all out… 

Crescent Moon 

It is time to be aware. 

Themes: Intention, Desires, Planning, Awareness

Crescent Moon

The crescent moon resembles a small fingernail shape, where 1-49%  of the moon is visible. In the northern hemisphere, this shape will appear on the right side, and in the southern hemisphere it will appear on the left. 

The crescent signifies your intentions, hopes, and wishes. Cultivating an intention is an important part of the process because without an intention, your action will have no meaning or direction to them. 

During this phase, you may find it easier to become aware of all your thoughts, emotions, and sensations. With a heightened sense of awareness, you can gain clarity on what you value in life, what you deeply desire, and what you truly need. 

The information you gather during this moon phase will help to guide and direct the rest of the actions you take, so be sure to make the most of this time. 

This is also a time of nourishment. So whether that means caring for yourself or taking care of others, focus your attention on any actions that can nourish and support.  

With the reasoning behind your plans that you made now becoming clearer, you can prepare to move into action…  

First Quarter Moon

It is time to act. 

Themes: Movement, Action, Decisions, Challenges

First Quarter Moon

In the first quarter moon, only half of the disc is visible (the right half in the northern hemisphere and the left half in the southern hemisphere). This is the midway point between a new moon and a full moon. 

This phase will support you as you move into action. Your plans can now be set in motion

You’ll find this is the busiest time of the cycle as you’re carrying out all the plans you made. Focus all your energy on working hard at whatever it is that you do. 

Important decisions should be made at this time in the moon’s cycle so that you can continue to move forward. Also, it’s a time to take any risks you’ve been contemplating. 

Once you take action, it will then be time to pause and look back... 

Gibbous Moon 

It is time to evaluate. 

Themes: Refine, Analyze, Reflect, Evaluate

Gibbous Moon

The moon is now almost full. Only a small sliver is missing from one side. As the moon prepares to move into fullness, it brings the optimal time to pause. 

Now that your plans have been set into motion, it’s time to take a step back to reflect and evaluate all that’s going on. 

Analyze your actions, see whether things need to be refined, and if needed develop a better path forward. This is where you will discover ways you can improve. 

Engage in your self-development activities during this time, as you will be better able to reflect on yourself and uncover things you may not have seen before. 

Ask many questions, and don’t be afraid to dig deeper into something you’ve been wondering about. This is also the time that the truth can be revealed.  

All of the hard work and anticipation will now come to a head… 


It is time to enjoy. 

Themes: Harvest, Reap, Equality, Relationships

Full Moon

During this phase, the sun and the moon are directly across from each other, seeing eye-to-eye. The sun’s rays allow the moon to be fully illuminated.

You are now able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Whatever you have planned and worked hard on will now be fulfilled. 

Cherish this time that offers you a chance to receive the benefits of all that you’ve accomplished so far. 

The equality between the sun and the moon during this phase allows you to work on strengthening relationships or reconciling differences. 

But be careful, because this is also a time where emotions can run high. 

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As this time of wholeness, completeness, and fullness draws to a close, it is time to turn your attention away from yourself… 

Disseminating Moon

It is time to give back.

Themes: Gratitude, Sharing, Teaching, Giving 

Disseminating Moon

The full circle of light that was the moon now begins to shrink again. During this phase, the northern hemisphere will see 99%-51% of the moon illuminated on the left, while the southern hemisphere will see 99-51% of the moon shining on the right. 

Now that all your hard work and planning has paid off, it is time to take the focus off of yourself and direct it towards others.  

During this phase, you should seek ways to share whatever rewards you’ve earned from your actions. 

This phase is centered around gratitude and giving back, so you should plan to volunteer or give charitable donations during this time. 

Share any knowledge or insight that you’ve gained from all that’s happened so far with those who mean the most of you. 

The act of sharing and giving back is followed by a time for letting go… 

Third Quarter Moon

It is time to release. 

Themes: Let go, Release, Cleanse, Forgiveness

Third Quarter Moon

At this point in the lunar phases, you’ll be able to see only half of the moon shining down to the earth. Those who live above the equator will see the left side, and those below will see the right. 

When the third quarter, or last quarter, moon becomes visible, it is a signal to you that it is time to let go of what you no longer need. 

This is the best time to clear away the clutter, whether that’s physical or emotional. 

You should focus on the following activities when the third quarter moon is out: 

  • Release emotions that are creating negative energy
  • Sever relationships that are weighing you down
  • Let go of old habits or thought patterns that have been holding you back

During this time, you’ll find it easier to forgive those whom you have been in a struggle with, and you’ll also feel more able to let go of any grudges or pent up feelings you’ve been harboring. 

As you release all of these things, you will find space, peace, and quiet… 

Balsamic Moon 

It is time to be still. 

Themes: Rest, Surrender, Stillness, Solidarity 

Balsamic Moon

The light of the moon continues to recede... The balsamic moon is making its way back toward once again becoming a new moon, hiding its light from the earth. 

All that needs to be done is now completed, allowing you to rest and become still. As you allow yourself to slow down, observe what goes on around you and contemplate any questions you’ve been wondering about. 

The balsamic phase of the moon is the best time to meditate and engage in activities that further your spiritual growth. 

Allow yourself to spend some time alone to focus your thoughts inward for awhile. Let yourself relax and decide to simply follow the flow of the energy the universe is offering to you. 

Trust the wisdom and power of the moon to guide you, for it has been around for quite a long time. 

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