Best Herbs for Chakra Health

Chakra Herbs

In ancient times, every village had a “medicine man,” who had extensive knowledge of all the healing properties of various plants and herbs. 

These herbs, like everything else in the universe, have unique vibrational signatures that can assist in healing your Chakras. 

But the trick is to know which herbs correlate with each Chakra.

And I’m about to tell you the complete list, including which herbs can:

  • Strengthen your mind-body connection 
  • Reduce anxiety and depression 
  • Unlock hidden thoughts and emotions
  • Allow you to release your need to control 
  • And more… 

How To Use Healing Herbs

Plants, flowers, and herbs can be a wonderful complement to your Reiki Healing practice. And you can easily find these herbs in many different forms. 

A quick search on the internet will allow you to find these plants in at least one of the following forms: 

  • A Tea Blend
  • A Supplement/Tablet
  • Lozenges
  • Seeds to Plant

Growing these fragrant plants in your indoor garden can serve a dual purpose. This will allow you to breathe in the beautiful aroma, harvest what grows, and create good Feng Shui energy in your home.  

Whichever method you decide to try, make sure that you always discuss them with your doctor… especially if you’re taking other medications. 

There can be some negative interactions between mainstream drugs and some of the herbs on this list. So if your doctor advises against this using plant-based remedies, you can still heal yourself with my Emotional & Mental Healing Session

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Emotional & Mental Healing Session

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s jump into the herbs that will affect your first energy center...

Root Chakra 

Your first energy center is your Root Chakra. It controls your survival needs, your connection to the earth, and your sense of security. Your Root is the governing body for your sense of safety and stability.

There are two herbs that I particularly like to help with my Root Chakra: Ashwagandha and Dandelion Root

Ashwagandha has recently gained popularity in the natural health world. This herb is great for relieving stress, depression, and anxiety, as well as aiding your blood flow. Ashwagandha is also known as Indian Ginseng or Winter Cherry and can help you conserve your vital energy. 


You’re probably familiar with the dandelion flower that grows wild by spreading its soft seeds. But what you may not know is that you can take its roots and turn it into a healing tonic. 

Dandelion has a long history of therapeutic uses that come from ancient Native American, Chinese, and Arabic healing practices. 

You can consume both the root and the greens to strengthen your connection to your body, helping you be more conscious and aware of the present moment. It also helps you create and manifest your soul’s true purpose. 

For more help with your creative processes, try these herbs for your Sacral Chakra...

Sacral Chakra 

Next is your Sacral Chakra, which is your center for creativity, emotions, and sexuality. This energy center also governs the area around your hips and reproductive organs. 

Damiana is a small shrub that produces fragrant, yellowish orange flowers. It has long been known to be an aphrodisiac because it works to improve the oxygen supply to your zones of sensuality. 

However, Damiana also has a calming effect on your nervous system, leading to less depression and anxiety.  

Sacral Herbs

And while Damiana assists with the sexuality side of the Sacral Chakra, Calendula works with your creative energy. This bright orange flower, also known as a marigold, brings inspiration and joy to reduce any creative blocks that may be holding you back. 

If you’re experiencing problems with your mood, stress, or nervous system, either of these herbs can help you find a bit more balance. 

Perhaps you’ve found balance in your creative energy, but are lacking the motivation to manifest your ideas… 

Solar Plexus Chakra 

Your willpower, sense of self, power, and control are linked with your Solar Plexus Chakra. So if you find yourself lacking motivation, self-esteem, or agency, it may be time for you to try some Lemongrass and Marshmallow...

Lemongrass has a mild lemon flavor that almost everyone will enjoy. 

On the mental level, this herb works to clarify your mind so that you are able to form a clear path forward. Lemongrass can also help boost your self-esteem and reduce depression. 

Physically, this herb supports your immune system so that you can fight off diseases and maintain your power. It also helps with your digestion, which is linked to your Solar Plexus Chakra. 

Solar Plexus Herbs

If Lemongrass is not for you, then I invite you to try Marshmallow Root. 

Just like the soft and squishy treats you think of when you hear marshmallow, this root invites your third Chakra to relax so that you can soften your grip on the need to control.

Marshmallow Root has been used as a healing herb for over 2000 years, and works to align your attention with the flow of life and the present moment

It also soothes your respiratory tract, allowing you to better connect, or reconnect, with the rhythm of your breath. 

And your breath is what fuels your heart...

Heart Chakra

As you might have guessed, your Heart Chakra coincides with your feelings of love and compassion. 

Hawthorn Berry is one of the oldest treatments for problems that arise from a blockage in the Heart Chakra. 

On the physical level, this herb can be helpful for stabilizing your heart and blood pressure, improving your circulation, and combating life-threatening diseases like heart attacks and heart arrhythmias. 

Heart Chakra Herbs

Hawthorn Berries also strengthen the muscles of your heart so that you are healthy, loving, and happy. 

This small red berry affects you on a spiritual level, as well. It strengthens your ability to fully trust in your life path and encourages you to have faith in the guidance that your heart offers. 

Hawthorn Berries can work with your emotions to allow you to increase your focus on a person’s soul qualities, so that you can look past personality differences to form a deeper relationship. 

You can let yourself surrender to the power of love with the help of this sweet berry.

Love can be a tricky and confusing emotion. If you’re still in need of additional support, guidance, or healing, try the Emotional & Mental Healing Session. These guided audios will help you release negative energy and emotional disturbances so that you can truly feel love. 

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Emotional & Mental Healing Session

And once you feel love deep in your heart, it’s time to communicate those feelings… 

Throat Chakra

Your communication skills and truth come from the energy in your Throat Chakra

Red Clover Blossoms were once believed to ward off evil spirits, but today they are used to help clear the channels of communication. 

Drinking a tea made of these blossoms will facilitate better self-expression so that you can share your thoughts, feelings, and needs with those around you.  

But this herb doesn’t just help you communicate with others… Red Clover Blossoms can also help you uncover the truth about yourself. 

Sometimes, emotions and thoughts are hidden or locked away inside your body… But these common flower blossoms are excellent at revealing thoughts and emotions that are waiting to be articulated. 

Throat Chakra Herbs

Slippery Elm can be another effective treatment for blockages in your Throat Chakra. Also called Red Elm or Indian Elm, the inner bark of this tree has many therapeutic applications. 

Native Americans used to harvest the bark from these tall trees to treat common problems like fever and sore throats. 

This herb forms a gel-like substance that can coat your throat and soothe any inflammation in the area of the body that houses this particular energy center. 

Slippery Elm is wonderful to use when you need to speak your truth, but if you need clarification on the truth, then try these next herbs… 

Third Eye Chakra

Wisdom and intuition reside in your Third Eye Chakra, meaning blockages here can make you anxious, distrusting, overly analytical, or confused. 

If any of these symptoms sound like you, I’ve got three different herbs you can try to bring balance back into your Third Eye… 

Natives in the sixteenth century once used Passionflower as a sedative agent. Today, it is commonly known for its ability to combat anxiety and sleep problems, both of which are connected to this energy center.  

Use Passionflower with caution, as it can cause drowsiness. This herb should also not be used if you are pregnant, because it may induce contractions. 

Third Eye Chakra Herbs

If Passionflower is not for you, Mint is another wonderful option that you can use on your Third Eye Chakra

Peppermint is a delicious and powerful herb that can help you become more sensitive to the energies around you. And as you begin to feel more of this energy, you’ll be able to trust the intuitive messages you’re receiving. 

But Peppermint can be very strong, and not everyone enjoys its flavor… So I have one more option for your sixth Chakra… 

Eyebright is a beautiful, small, and delicate flower. Consuming this herb illuminates the lessons you can learn from life, even when things seem bleak. It also gives you the wisdom to see things from a new perspective. 

And finally, here are the herbs for your Crown Chakra… 

Crown Chakra 

The final Chakra that is seated at the very top of your head connects you with the spiritual world and the entire universe.

You may know that Lavender essential oil is beneficial to this energy center, but you can also enjoy Lavender as a tea or supplement.

Crown Chakra Herbs

Lavender gives you a path toward divine wisdom, helping you receive and trust the guidance from the universe. 

Just like the essential oil, the herbaceous form of Lavender can enhance your meditations, allowing you to dive deeper inside yourself. 

Additionally, Lavender can enhance your mental and spiritual clarity, while also nourishing a sense of calm in your nervous system so that you no longer feel anxious or stressed. 

Mental and emotional clarity can often be tough to heal with herbs alone, so make sure you are using herbs in addition to your Reiki practice. 

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