6 Reasons to Introduce Reiki to the Kids in Your Life

Reiki for Kids

Whether you know it or not, you’re already using the healing powers of Reiki to help improve the lives of your children… 

What did you do the last time your child fell and hurt his or her knee? 

Instinctively, you probably placed your hand on the sore spot to relieve the pain. 

With this simple action, you were working with healing energy… you were harnessing the powers of Reiki… 

This all happens naturally because Reiki is a safe and effective practice to use with babies and children of all ages. 

Let me tell you why… 

Children Recieve Many Benefits from Reiki 

There are many reasons to introduce Reiki to kids as soon as possible. From a young age, children are extremely impressionable and Reiki can create positive changes that will stick with them for their entire lives. 

Whether you’re interested in practicing Reiki on a child, or teaching a child to practice Reiki on their own, both can help kids learn valuable skills and life lessons early on. 

You see, both small children and adults can equally comprehend and incorporate this ancient form of healing into their lives. 

Introducing Reiki to your children will allow them to… 

  • Reduce the amount of temper tantrums they throw by regulating their emotions
  • Learn how to be more self-sufficient by harnessing their natural healing abilities 
  • Increase their level of attentiveness by balancing their upper Chakras

And more. 

Before we begin, I want to share with you an easy way that you can connect with the power of Reiki. Downloading the Ultimate Guide to Connecting With Reiki Energy will teach you how to harness this healing energy for the benefit of your children.

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Connect with Reiki

The first reason you should introduce your children to Reiki has to do with their ability to stay calm… 

1. Promotes Relaxation and Rest 

Reiki promotes relaxation of both the physical body and the mental body. Children often have trouble sleeping because one or both of these bodies is not able to relax enough for the child to peacefully rest. 

Fears of the dark or nightmares are just a few things that can cause kids mental and emotional stress that prevents them from drifting off to sleep. 


The first principle of Reiki says, “Just for today, I will not worry.”

Teaching this important lesson to your kids will help them to avoid developing anxiety issues and make them more resilient to the mounting pressures in the world today.

It also encourages them to quiet their mind enough so that they can sleep through the night. 

Children sometimes have endless amounts of energy and seem to never get tired. Another benefit of working with Reiki is that it will help to bring a child’s wild energy back down to a normal level so that it’s possible for them to close their eyes and rest. 

And when your kids get more sleep, you get more sleep

Getting enough rest will help keep a child from getting sick, but even if they do, Reiki can help them heal… 

2. Boosts Your Child's Natural Healing Abilities 

Childhood is a time when kids are most susceptible to various illnesses because their immune systems are stilling developing. 

And kids who spend time around lots of other kids, either at school or daycare, are even more likely to catch whatever illness is floating around. 

Things like chicken pox, influenza, or even just the common cold are easily spread among children who harbor lots and lots of germs. 

Natural Healing Abilities

Protect them from falling ill by creating a daily Reiki routine with them. Regularly exposing them to the power of their own ability to heal themselves can help them stay healthy while others around them are spreading germs. 

Kids can also be more accident-prone, leading to bumps, bruises, cuts, and scrapes that need to be healed. Reiki helps to boost a child’s natural powers to easily heal themselves from these incidents. 

Introducing them to this concept, and explaining that they have the ability to heal themselves if they practice self-Reiki, helps kids understand how to form a healthy balance between taking care of themselves and asking for help from others. 

It fosters their sense of independence as they start to learn that they are capable of harnessing this power all by themselves. 

And with Reiki, kids don’t even have to know what’s wrong to be able to heal themselves… 

3. Travels Exactly Where It’s Needed

One of the greatest gifts that Reiki offers is that the healing energy simply travels wherever it is needed most. 

This makes Reiki accessible to anyone who wants to practice it because there is no special knowledge of anatomy required. 

But this aspect is also helpful when working with children and babies. 


Often times, when you hear a baby crying, you’re unsure why. Babies who have not fully learned how to communicate will not be able to tell you what is wrong. 

With Reiki, you don’t have to know what’s wrong with the child. The healing energy will simply go to the place that it is needed most. 

And although older children may have more communication skills, they can still have trouble articulating exactly what’s wrong with them. Again, Reiki doesn’t need to know what’s wrong. 

It simply needs to be channeled into the person who needs healing... and the healing energy will do the rest. 

So many parents bring their children to my Reiki practice simply because they have no idea what’s wrong. To learn how to heal these unknown problems on your own, download the free Ultimate Guide to Connecting with Reiki Energy. 

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Connect with Reiki

This next reason to share Reiki with your children is the second biggest reason that parents bring their children to my practice… 

4. Increases Focus and Concentration

Reiki doesn’t just work on the physical level. It’s also a powerful way to heal mental, emotional, and spiritual troubles. 

Many children suffer from problems with paying attention in school or concentrating on a single task. 

These issues stem from an imbalance in the upper Chakras, usually the Third Eye and/or the Crown. Once you’ve learned how to connect with Reiki, you’ll be able to channel healing energy into these two Chakras to help your child with their focus and concentration. 


And children who practice Reiki either on themselves or on others can further increase their focus and concentration. 

You see, building a connection with Reiki energy invites children to become more mindful, deepen their self-awareness, and cultivate a relationship with the energy of the universe. 

Now that we've looked at the mental body, let’s turn our attention to the emotional body… 

5. Balances Emotions

Reiki seeks to bring balance to the entire being, including the physical, mental, and emotional bodies. 

And it is no secret that children can struggle with balancing or regulating their emotions. They are known for throwing a temper tantrum one minute and being an angel the next. 

Balance Emotions

Teach your children the second Reiki principle: “Just for today, I will not be angry.” 

This simple idea helps children learn that they are in control of their emotions, and they can choose how they react to each situation they encounter. 

You can also help children bring balance to their emotions by channeling healing energy into their Sacral Chakra, the energy center related to passion, creativity, and emotions. 

There are many wonderful changes that Reiki can bring to your child, but when we start to spread Reiki even wider, something even greater happens… 

6. Change Begins with Children

In order to create a better world, we must start by teaching our children the importance of peace and kindness. 

Kids Change the World

Teach the kids in your life the final Reiki principle: “Just for today, I will be kind to my neighbor and every living thing.” 

Learning this idea in conjunction with being exposed to the energy of Reiki will help the child to understand that sending out positive energy, through helping others, being kind, and befriending all, creates more positive energy that will eventually come back to them. 

As we are raising the next generation of leaders, let’s make sure they are focused on positive energy and the good of all people… two essential parts of Reiki. 

If you’re interested in learning how to connect to the power of Reiki so that you can create change in the life of your child and the rest of the world, I invite you to download the Ultimate Guide to Connecting With Reiki Energy. 

You’ll learn the six steps you need to start working with healing energy right away. Click here to learn more. 

Connect with Reiki

Dave Nelson

Dave Nelson is the creator of Reiki Infinite Healer. Over the last 4 years Dave and his team have helped hundreds of thousands of people improve their wellbeing, recover from illness, connect with their spiritual selves, and learn to heal with the amazing art of Reiki. Dave is a highly sought after healer and teacher, who's work has impacted the lives, health and relationships of individuals and their families in over 200 different countries.

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