4 Common Misconceptions About Reiki

Common Reiki Myths

Reiki Healing is growing increasingly popular, so it’s important for you to stay informed.

Many people have beliefs about Reiki that simply aren’t true… 

Too much gossip, false information, and rumor spreading have caused much of the world to have misconceptions about Reiki.

But it’s time to set them straight! 

Just like lots of alternative healing methods, most people aren’t fully informed on what Reiki is, how it works, and what exactly it does. 

You don’t have to be an expert on the subject, but as Reiki is growing in popularity, you should have some basic knowledge about it. 

For more of an in-depth look, check out my article, “What is Reiki?” that explains all the details you need to know. 

If you already have some basic knowledge but are confused on some points, then you’re in the right place. 

In this article, I’m going to identify the most common misconceptions about Reiki and set the record straight. 

I’ve been practicing Reiki for decades, and over the years I’ve heard many clients inquire about religious aspects, Reiki training, and more. 

If you’re interested in learning about any of the following topics, then this article is for you: 

  • Reiki and Religion 
  • The Truth about Reiki Attunements 
  • The Role of Reiki Practitioners
  • Continuity Among Reiki Practitioners

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Let’s start with the misconception that I hear over and over again… 

Reiki is a Religion

Many people think that you have to believe in a certain higher power or dedicate yourself to a specific spirit in order to use Reiki.  

But the truth is that Reiki doesn’t have anything to do with religion… 

Whether you’re Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Atheist, Agnostic, or any other religion, you can both practice and be healed by Reiki. 

You see, Reiki is based on energy... not on religious beliefs


Reiki works on the basis of welcoming positive energy into the body, while removing negative energy and clearing any energetic blocks. 

And all religions support and accept the scientific principles of energy.

Reiki also doesn’t conflict with any religions. The central principles of Reiki focus on creating well-being and peace, which are also a major part of many religions. 

Even if you’re not fully invested in the power of Reiki, you can still be healed. Believing or not believing has no effect on whether or not healing energy can flow through you. 

Now that we’ve established that Reiki welcomes all religions, we can move to the next Reiki misconception that could save you time and money… 

You Must Be Attuned By a Master Before You Can Practice Reiki 

Many Reiki Masters will tell you that you must pay them large sums of money to attune you to the power of Reiki before you can start practicing this healing art. 

But let me tell you a secret that these "masters" don't want you to know... There's no need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for a master to perform an attunement, because you are completely able to tap into new and powerful healing abilities all by yourself. 


While recieving an Attunement from a master is one option, it’s not the only way or the best way to connect with higher energy frequencies. Let me tell you why...

We are all born with an innate ability to heal ourselves... Reiki is coded into your genetic makeup. So you don’t need to hire a master to “give you access” to this healing energy...

You have the ability to attune yourself.

Dr. Mikao Usui, the first Reiki Healer, attuned himself, and you can, too. 

In fact, many healers, including myself, find that a self-attunement offers a more spiritual experience because you are connecting directly to the Reiki frequency without the energy being "filtered" through a master.

So, while you can choose to pay a hefty price for a master to attune you, the reality is that reaching higher levels of Reiki energy can be done when you sit down and focus your mind. 

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Whether you choose to be attuned by a master or to self-attune will have no effect on this next Reiki misconception…

Reiki Practitioners Heal Their Clients 

This is a belief that many people who have never practiced or experienced Reiki have… It probably comes from the fact that many other healing professionals, such as doctors and surgeons, are actually healing their clients.  

But Reiki is different… when you become a Reiki practitioner, you are a conduit for healing energy to move through.


Remember that everything, including me and you, is made up of energy. All around you there is energy flowing. And energy cannot be created or destroyed…

But it can be moved, directed, and channeled where it is needed.

Reiki is based on tapping into the energy that is already within the universe, and channeling it to help heal a person. 

Unlike doctors who perform procedures to heal a person, Reiki practitioners act more as a guide. 

Since everyone is born with the ability to heal themselves, a Reiki practitioner is not healing their client, but rather supporting the healing energy that makes it possible for the person to heal themselves.  

So not only are Reiki practitioners different from other healing professionals, but they are also different from one another… Let me explain what I mean with this next misconception… 

All Reiki Practitioners Heal the Same Way

While all Reiki practitioners use the same healing energy to help their clients, they don’t all conduct their healing sessions in the same way… 

Originally, you had to travel to a Reiki Grand Master in order to learn how to connect with this healing energy. And in the early days, Reiki was passed down through word of mouth. 

So as this healing practice began to spread to more and more people, Reiki was adapted and changed through the different explanations of this knowledge and practice.  

Reiki Practitioners

The original Reiki method came from Dr. Mikao Usui, but as it has been passed down, it has been tweaked and modified. 

Another thing about Reiki is that it is highly personalized to the individual in need of healing. This means that not everyone who seeks this practice will receive the same treatment even if they are both experiencing the same issue.  

And the type of healing you receive is also based on what level of training the Reiki practitioner has received. 

A Level 1 practitioner will have different skills and abilities as compared with someone who has completed the Level 2 training. 

But let me be clear here: the different levels of Reiki do not mean that one practitioner is more effective or can heal ‘better’ than another. The different levels of training simply teach you different tools and skills that will help you to expand your Reiki practice. 

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